NUmber One Marketing of Appleton, WI
About us

Number One Marketing was established in May 2004 by owner, Paul Wittmann.
Paul's marketing experience includes 14 years in Broadcast Television Sales & Marketing, two years in Radio Sales & Marketing, and extensive training in cable, print, internet advertising, yellow pages, direct mail, outdoor advertising, and more.

Our business is your business. Which is why your account isn’t handled by a rookie marketing associate. Your project will only be handled by an experienced principal of Number One Marketing; a person who is seasoned and has the leveraged contacts necessary to get your company noticed.

Number One Marketing has many benefits that could be right at your company's fingertips, including:

• Streamlining your advertising process
• Getting more out of each advertising dollar spent, meaning more customers
  through your door
• As a business owner or manager there is more time to focus on your customers
  and the profitability of your business
• Gain a one-on-one working relationship with an advertising firm that is continually
  focused on the successful marketing of your business
• Number One Marketing will work well in advance to layout your advertising strategies
• Tap into unlimited contacts and resources


Number One Marketing Objective Statement